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1. Is Future Consulting Group expanding its operation in other parts of the world and in Northern America?

Future Consulting Group is appointing resident consultant in other countries and other part of Northern America. The screening process consisting of an on-line interview, training at head office for 3 days ( lodging and travel expense to be met by the  resident) and a fees of US$10,000 towards training material, territory rights and support.

2. Is it possible to file the application for Canadian Immigration without meeting the Consultant?

We have been providing consultancy for Canadian Immigration through internet for majority of our clients. The steps involved are as follows

1. Candidate submits application for free assessment through internet or through other means.

2. Assessment report provided to the client

3. Payment of advance portion of fees and signs agreement for engagement.

4. Application forms and specific instructions to prepare the forms are sent on line.

5.Client fills the form and email the same for clearance by FCG.

6. Clients courier all the papers to be collected and the forms to the consultant for checking and filing the application to the Canadian Embassy.

3. Can you arrange funding for large projects overseas ?

Please go to the Project funding - large projects site on the website. We can arrange funding based on the criterion mentioned in the website


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